Not Quite Hollywood

In comparison to last year's Midnight Madness, which was packed with masters of the craft, this year's lineup is one of discovery. However, Not Quite Hollywood was less about being exposed to a new filmmaker than discovering a whole mass of unknown films.

The film is a documentary that explores Ozploitation or Australian exploitation genre flicks from the seventies and eighties. It includes a wide-range of uncensored anecdotal interviews with American fans and players such as Quentin Tarantino, Jamie Lee Curtis and Dennis Hopper, as well as many of the films' creators and participators. The rest of the story is told through loads of lurid and obscure clips from the films themselves, featuring nudity, cars and gore, interspersed with flashy animations derived from the original movie posters.

The best part of this movie was finding out there's a whole whack of genre movies out there that many of the exploitation fans in the audience didn't even know about. Some recognizable titles were Mad Max, Razorback and Fantasm; the rest were entirely new and eye-popping.

The first half-hour is shot after shot of female, and some male, nudity (if you've never seen the legend of John Holmes, you will). Then fast, souped-up cars race through the desert, wreaking havoc wherever they go – their shenanigans include strapping a barely-dressed woman to the hood like an ornament. Next is the B-style horror movie, which not only focused on blood but vomit too (one director claims The Exorcist copied him). It then fast forwards to the present with Aussie's own Wolf Creek representing the next generation of genre filmmakers. One of the more shocking revelations was the number of deaths and serious injuries that occurred on set due to a lack of safety regulations.

Not Quite Hollywood is fast, loud, racy, informative and fun – a combination almost never found in one documentary.

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