New on DVD: Touch the Top of the World

There are plenty of stories of personal triumph; but actually watching one once in a while can be quite inspiring.

Erik Weihenmayer (Peter Facinelli) was diagnosed with a rare eye disease at three. By the time he was 14, he had gone completely blind. However, his parents (Bruce Campbell and Kate Greenhouse) encouraged him to live a normal life, which eventually fostered a love for rock climbing. Having found a team of friends and fellow enthusiasts that he could rely on and who were not put off by his disability, Erik went on various climbing expeditions the world over. When approached with the opportunity to climb Mount Everest, it was a chance he could not turn down – for himself and vision-impaired athletes everywhere.

The short end of the story is Weihenmayer became the first blind man to conquer Everest. However, his journey to that incredible moment is chronicled in this biography. It’s not overly sentimental or too detailed; it tells his story in the simplest terms, highlighting important moments in his life, both personal and recreational. None of the actors stand out from the rest; but for a seeing actor, Facinelli does appear to portray the blind character well.

Unfortunately there are no DVD special features to evaluate, even though there are various elements of the story that could have been elaborated upon.

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