New on DVD: The Promotion

Everyone is reaching for the next rung on the ladder of success and sometimes a few fingers may get "accidentally" stepped on.

Doug (Sean William Scott) has made a career of his assistant manager position but when the chain plans to open a new store nearby, it seems he's a shoo-in for the manager post. But he gets some unexpected competition via Richard (John C. Riley), a transfer from a sister store in Quebec. They both desperately want the job to improve their living situations, which leads them to compromise their morals and sabotage one another, making the best man for the job a little harder to determine.

Watching this movie, I was reminded of 1999’s Election. Similarly, the narrative voiceover by Doug relays his reasoning and justifies his actions. Also, the characters are a little strange and flawed.

At first, it's somewhat odd to see Scott so subdued but he portrays the straight, clean-cut guy well. Riley always puts his best foot forward and this project is no different. His determination to overcome his life's mistakes is consistently detectable, as is his lack of book smarts. But while his Canadian accent is good, it often bleeds into an Irish accent similar to his wife's (Lili Taylor). The supporting cast also pulls their own weight, particularly Jenna Fischer, Taylor and Gil Bellows.

In addition to being a comedy, it looks at the inner workings of a supermarket and all the degrading aspects of the industry as well as the difficulty of maintaining one's integrity in a dog-eat-dog world.

The deleted scenes were rightfully cut, as they are unnecessary to the story as it was told. The feature commentary includes some anecdotes from the production and points out some falsities stated by the actors. However, several of the same comments are made in the "making of" feature. The biggest disappointment is the outtakes, which is just one scene repeatedly ruined by the actors' laughter. In a movie with known comedic actors, one expects an array of cracked-up scenes.

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