New on DVD: The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Everyone experiences at least one day in their life when they decide to make a change. That day informs every one that comes after it.

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life, a.k.a. Le premier jour du reste de ta vie, is an unrestrained drama centred around five key days in a family’s life. The first day is the eldest son’s, Raphaël (Marc-André Grondin). He is finally moving out on his own, having completed medical school. It is this step that leads him to meet his future wife. Several years later, the second day is the youngest’s, Fleur (Déborah François). She makes up her mind to lose her virginity on her 16th birthday but her older boyfriend turns out to be nothing but a cherry picker. A few years later, the second son, Albert (Pio Marmaï) has his day. He finally decides to stop floundering and do something with his life after his grandfather dies. The next experience is the mother’s, Marie-Jeanne (Zabou Breitman). She no longer feels attractive and must decide if another man is the answer to her low self-esteem. The final day of discovery belongs to the father, Robert (Jacques Gamblin). He has lived a relatively happy life but this day will change how long the happiness lasts.

The idea of experiencing an entire family over five significant days in each of their lives is brilliant. It allows you to get to know each of the characters while also getting to see how they turn out in the end. The story is never boring. Instead, it is consistently fascinating.

The acting is nothing less than exceptional. Each actor feels dedicated to his or her character, personifying each stage of his or her life. They genuinely mature as the story progresses, and the transformation is not only captured by a wardrobe and hair change.

Quebec film continues to set the bar in Canadian cinema and this is just another example.

The special features contain only a French trailer for the film.

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