New on DVD: The Falling

The Falling is dark, sexy and even a little thought-provoking.

Lars (Christopher Shyer) and Karis (Nicole Oliver) meet in a nightclub. The attraction is instant and they retreat to his place for a night of unbridled passion. The day after another tryst, Karis steps out to get breakfast and Lars finds a man standing in her kitchen. The mystery guy is her cop ex-husband Morgan (Rob Lee). Morgan seems determined to fix his marriage, becoming increasingly intrusive in Lars and Karis’ new relationship. In the meantime, Lars’ passion turns to obsession and he becomes manipulative. Unsure what to do, Karis turns to her friend Simon (John Cassini) for advice, but he is harbour some feelings of his own.

This narrative could have been much more complex, but it is presented from three perspectives: Lars’, Morgan’s and Karis’. However, what makes this multiple viewpoint picture interesting is each person’s interpretation of events is presented and there is no indication as to which is the true scene.

The film is very dark, both in content and visual style. Most of it takes place at night or in minimally lit locations. The negativity of the emotions that flow throughout the narrative are prevalent but not always as powerfully conveyed as they should be.

There are no DVD bonus features to evaluate.

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