New on DVD: Surfer, Dude

If you are of the opinion that Wooderson is one of Matthew McConaughey's truer to life roles, than Surfer, Dude will seem like an aligning of the stars.

Steve Addington (McConaughey) has surfed the greatest waves the world over and now the soul surfer has come back home to Malibu. One phone call reunites him with his three best friends (Nathan Phillips, Todd Stashwick and Zachary Knighton) and a party soon follows. However, Add's manager (Woody Harrelson) quickly informs him he is too generous with his cash and his assets are close to zero. Unfortunately, relief comes in the form of an unscrupulous reality TV producer (Jeffrey Nordling) who wants to buy Add's image. Add's worries are only compounded by an extended period of flat water – the worst fate for a man like who practically lives on a surfboard.

Addington is a true soul surfer – his loves are waves, weed and women. But he's willing to give up the other two for the first if necessary. It's hard to tell if his laidback Zen attitude is natural or the result of the copious amounts of marijuana he smokes. Amusingly, his supplier is hippie-to-the-bone Willie Nelson.

The plot is pretty thin as it aspires to little more than a stoner flick. However, Nelson seems right at home and Harrelson invokes his personal desires for the greater good. Lupe La Rosa (Ramon Rodriguez) is a breath of life in the film. It would have been interesting if they'd given his character a little more depth rather than just hinting at it.

McConaughey spends most of the picture shirtless, showcasing his model abs. Conversely, the once chosen Sexiest Man Alive’s face is made to look sun worn and aged. There is also an ick-factor in that Add only wears one pair of shorts for the entire movie, which spans about six weeks.

The DVD bonus features include deleted scenes, a featurette and webisodes. The deleted scenes are not instantly placeable but are somewhat entertaining. "Surfer, Dude: The Real Story" reveals the longtime friendships of McConaughey and the crew, which resulted in a very relaxed and fun set. It also follows the strange tale of Chad Mountain, executive assistant and rejected cast member. The 12 two-minute webisodes contains all the information of a "making of" doc in brief snippets.

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