New on DVD: Semi-Pro

Semi-ProIt's easy to set a comedy in the '70s, as numerous movies based on television shows from the era have shown. Unfortunately, few have been truly funny beyond a couple of good jokes.

Semi-Pro has some historical precedence in that it tells the story of a fictional basketball team in the real, but dissolved, American Basketball Association. Jackie Moon (Will Ferrell) is the owner, coach, power forward and promoter for the Flint, Michigan Tropics. In last place, their attendance barely reaches 100 despite Moon’s outlandish, and often impractical, promotions. When word comes down regarding the league’s disbandment, the Tropics decide it’s time to step it up. The team of misfits’ only goal is to gain fourth place and a possible NBA berth.

There are definitely some memorable moments and some favorites, like the commercial-break fight, but overall it does not measure up to Ferrell's previous ventures. The script is simply lacking in funny dialogue and good skits. Based on these actors' other work, they are all capable of strong comedic performances but the film does not allow them to go far beyond adolescent absurdity.

The DVD includes both the theatrical version and an unrated extended version of the film; the only difference between the two is the addition of Jackie Moon’s wife and her exposed breasts. The second disc contains the special features, such as deleted scenes, interviews with some original ABA stars, and a couple of extra installments of “Hot Talk with Dick Pepperfield.”

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