New on DVD: Real Time

Given one hour to live, what would a hopeless gambling addict do?

Andy (Jay Baruchel) is the desperate gambler who’s never had any real luck, which has lead to sizeable debt over his short years. Reuben (Randy Quaid) is the hit man sent to settle Andy’s account with a man Andy so foolishly refers to as “Mr. Funny Mouth.” However, before doing the job, Reuben gives Andy one hour to do whatever he wants, hoping Andy will use the time to make some sort of amends. Andy’s requests, outside of those to gamble, are not exactly what one would expect from a man on figurative death row but Reuben has a couple of secrets of his own to share.

Although the filmmakers claim the movie was shot in “real time,” this is not entirely true as the there are numerous cuts editing travel time. In addition, the runtime is only 78 minutes but feels a bit longer. The film style is not the expected style of a “real time” film as it has more of a traditional style.

The rapport between Baruchel and Quaid is very convincing. Reuben is genuinely trying to make Andy a better person within one hour, while Andy is miserable with no desire to spend his last hour fruitfully. Jayne Eastwood has a limited appearance as Andy’s grandmother but she is as usual memorable.

The DVD special features are only 5 minutes or less in length. There are cast and crew interviews; a behind-the-scenes featurette that is literally raw footage captured behind the camera; and an unexplained series of clips from the film.

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