New on DVD: Prom Night

It may share the name of the franchise that began with Jamie Lee Curtis and take place during the same celebration, but that’s where the comparison ends.

Donna (Brittany Snow) is the victim of fatal attraction. A high school teacher (Johnathon Schaech) decides he should be the most important in Donna’s life so he kills her entire family. He’s sent to live the rest of his days in a mental institution. Three years later, Donna and her friends are geared-up for one last hurrah before graduation – an exceedingly extravagant prom – but Donna’s stalker escapes just in time to ensure it’s really a night she’ll never forget.

Prom Night was never one of the best slasher flicks to grace the screens but it still beats this flop. The characters are very predictable and repetitive. With the exception of good lighting and a couple of well-plotted shots, the film is boring. It’s not scary and in an attempt to avoid gore, the filmmakers also sidestep realism; wounds don’t bleed, they just leave small stains on the victims’ clothes, never the killer’s. By trying not to be a typical slasher film, they exclude key elements of the genre. Also, does no one notice the creepy-looking guy skulking around corners staring at the teens?

The deleted scenes are not remotely missed and the accompanying commentary simply states the obvious for those who can’t figure out what they’re watching without help. The rest is fairly standard, including a short “making of” doc, short featurettes, and the teen-flick staple – a gag reel.

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