My Beautiful Mommy: a plastic surgery companion for kids

A Florida-based plastic surgeon has written a children’s book that explains plastic surgery to kids.

“My Beautiful Mommy” is the story of a mom explaining her upcoming tummy tuck and nose job to her daughter.

The author, Dr. Michael Salzhauer, explains that children are often troubled when a parent is recovering from plastic surgery. “They know something is going on and she has bandages, so they start to ask, ‘What's wrong with mommy?’”

Other plastic surgeons are already wishing they had thought of the idea first. New York-based plastic surgeon, Dr. Darrick Antell, who has considered writing a similar story, stated, “It's a narrow niche, but there is a need for it.”

“My Beautiful Mommy” uses simple terms to reassure kids that their parent’s plastic surgery is a positive change. On the drive home from the doctor’s office, the mother assures her daughter that she will look “Not just different, my dear–prettier!”

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