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Media help conceal Prince’s deployment to Afghanistan

Prince Harry has been ordered to return home to England from Afghanistan, after a U.S. website leaked the details of the 23-year-old’s secret deployment.

The Prince’s 10-week army deployment had been kept secret by many British and international news agencies, including the BBC and the Associated Press.

The media blackout was agreed upon to lower the risk to Prince and his unit. The media groups who signed up to the agreement were rewarded with interviews with the Prince.

The leak of the information was said to be “regrettable” by the British Ministry of Defence. During his deployment, the Prince worked as a joint terminal attack controller — directing the action of combat aircraft in battle — and was involved in major operations against Taliban forces.

Last year, Prince Harry had planned to serve a tour of duty in Iraq, but due to security concerns, that was canceled as well.

Portions of this article are taken from Wikinews, which is licenced for use under the Creative Commons Deed Attribution 2.5

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