Lindsay Lohan in the closet

Lindsay Lohan has been accused of stealing someone else’s clothing for the second time this week.

23-year-old Los Angeles model, Lauren Hastings told Inside Edition that her “closets were emptied” at a party her house-sitter threw last spring, which was attended by Lohan.

Hastings, who is currently dating actor, Shia LaBeouf pointed the finger directly at Lohan, stating, “I can be the one person not to let Lindsay get away with this.”

According to a DA report, partygoers witnessed Lohan handing bags of clothing over to her bodyguard; however no one reported seeing Lohan take anything from Hastings’ closet.

The supervising prosecutor told The New York Post that Hastings had reportedly agreed to give Lohan some of her clothes, which has complicated the case. Los Angeles County prosecutors cited insufficient evidence and no charges were pressed against Lohan.

Earlier this week, photos surfaced of Lohan emerging from a nightspot in a $11,000 mink coat, different from the coat she wore entering the club hours earlier.

The coat belonged to Columbia co-ed, Masha Markova, and has since been returned to its owner. Markova wants Lohan to pay up for the three weeks that the coat was in her possession.

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