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Edmonton Symphony Orchestra’s new conductor is 24-year-old prodigy Alexander Prior

Edmonton Symphony Orchestra’s new 24-year-old conductor was born the same year when Windows 3.1 launched and NAFTA was signed.

British-born Alexander Prior started composing at the age of eight, speaks six languages, and when he was 13, the Moscow State ballet commissioned his first ballet to international critical acclaim.

After guest conducting multiple times at the ESO, he was signed last Thursday to a five-year contract, beginning in the 2017-2018 season.

“He’s a remarkable musician, he’s gregarious and exceptionally well-spoken, and a lot of fun,” says ESO executive director Annemarie Petrov.

Prior told the Edmonton Journal that in his first season he wants to “bridge gaps with other genres — to bring in classical DJs” and that he loves Beyonce.

His favourite Beyonce song? “Halo.”

“Sorry, I like the belting ballads and she’s got such a big, exciting voice,” he told Journal writer Sandra Sperounes.

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