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Cruise shows Oprah that normal is the new crazy

Part one of Oprah Winfrey’s two-part interview with Tom Cruise aired today, featuring a relaxed and casual side to Cruise rarely seen in recent years.

Winfrey was welcomed to the Cruise’s Telluride, Colorado hideaway with her own pair of personalized slippers. During her grand tour of the rustic estate, Winfrey remarked with surprise, “It’s so normal!”

Cruise eased into the interview by sharing memories of working on the film, Risky Business, and provided the logistics of his sock-footed slide from the opening scene.

It wasn’t long before Winfrey raised the most pressing issues on everyone’s minds: Cruise’s couch-jumping during his last appearance on her show, his infamous comments about Brook Shields and antidepressants, and his involvement with The Church of Scientology.

Cruise professed to being more tolerant of other people’s beliefs than he’s been portrayed in the media, and reminded Winfrey that the code of Scientology is to “respect the beliefs of others.”

Winfrey and Cruise shared a laugh over false rumours that both Cruise and John Travolta had attempted to convert Winfrey to Scientology; however, Winfrey seemed to strike a nerve when she questioned Cruise about his children’s reactions to his negative publicity in recent years. Cruise replied with aphorisms such as “Today is a new day,” and “There’s plenty of tomorrows.”

The show concluded with Cruise and Winfrey sharing an embrace overlooking the Colorado mountain-tops and wishing each other “peace.”

Part two of the interview takes place at Winfrey’s Chicago studio and will air on Monday, May 5.

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