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Canadians distrustful of news media: survey

Canadians have serious concerns when it comes to trusting the media, according to a recent national survey. This is just one of the many discoveries in the Canadian Media Research Consortium’s “Report Card on Canadian News Media,” released earlier this year.


Canadians also had serious concerns regarding the balance and fairness of media. Among the significant figures:

  • 92% of all Canadians see sensationalism in the news.
  • Almost 80% think reporter bias influences the news often or sometimes.
  • Over half think the news media try to cover-up their mistakes.
  • Nearly one in three believe all news reports are inaccurate.
  • Media distrust was highest in Canadians aged 19 to 25.

Television remains the primary Canadian source for daily news (67%), followed by radio (57%), newspapers (42%) and the Internet (33%).


Over half of Canadians never use the Internet for news. Of those who view Internet news sources, they turn to mainstream sites.

The majority of Canadian Internet news consumers are also young and affluent. The largest user group is under 35 with a university education and incomes over $75,000.

The survey was based on 23-minute phone interviews with 3,012 Canadians.

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