CBC's Diana Swain launches new media analysis TV series 'The Investigators'

Screen capture, 2016
Journalist Diana Swain on the set of CBC News Network's 'The Investigators' Screen capture, 2016

The CBC has an enviable problem. As one of Canada’s last strongholds of well-funded investigative journalism, it produces so much of it that sometimes stories get lost or under-promoted in the churn of the daily news cycle.

Part of the solution may be found in the public broadcaster’s new show on CBC News Network, The Investigators.

Hosted by senior investigative correspondent Diana Swain, The Investigators tells the story behind various investigative stories — and not just stories produced within the CBC, but outside of it as well.

“We’re really excited to get the opportunity to expand on some of the work we do,” Swain tells Popjournalism. “A lot of the investigative team have been looking for a platform like this. You know, you have shows like the fifth estate that showcase stories for an hour, but there wasn’t much of a gathering place for stories outside of that on local and even national news.”

However, Swain’s half-hour weekly program isn’t about simply rebroadcasting stories, but instead seeks to move them forward or capture the story’s untold aftermath.

“We may showcase a story that aired earlier in the week — what’s happened since it aired?” Swain says. “We’ve now got a place to look into a story’s postscript.”

With the launch of The Investigators, Swain also returns to investigative work full-time, leaving her former weekday hosting spot on CBC News Network.

“I always really liked live, it’s been one of my strengths, but then when you’re doing investigative work alongside it, you can get too far away from daily news,” she explains of the move. “It was me trying to use both part of my brain, but when you add another show on top of that, eventually it’s too much.”

What about featuring her own reports on The Investigators?

“It won’t always be my stories on the show, that would be just nutty,” Swain laughs. “But I think maybe once a month or twice a month we might feature something I worked on.”

She’s also interested in interviewing other CBC journalists and following the stories of her colleagues.

“When the show was announced, I ran into Adrienne Arsenault and she told me that she wants to come on the show,” Swain says excitedly. “Like, who’s going to say no to that?”

The Investigators airs on CBC News Network Saturdays at 9:30 p.m. ET and Sundays at 5:30 p.m ET. Check your local listings for your region’s airtimes.

Watch the premiere episode

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