Lives Lived: Morley Safer, '60 Minutes' journalist, 84

Just days after retiring from the CBS newsmagazine 60 Minutes, correspondent Morley Safer has died at the age of 84.

Safer was part of the program for 46 years and on May 15, CBS aired a one-hour career retrospective and farewell to Safer.

The Toronto-born journalist joined the cast of 60 Minutes during its third season in December 1970. However, over the past two years, Safer has cut back his work on the program as he’s dealt with health issues. His most recent report aired in March.

Safer has spent more than five decades with CBS News — just six years of that time outside of 60 Minutes — and previous to that, he worked with the CBC and Reuters.

He has won 12 Emmy Awards, one Lifetime Achievement Emmy, and three Peabody Awards among many other career honours.

Despite living and working in New York City for decades, he retained dual Canadian-American citizenship.

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