Nintendo announces new gaming system in 2017, 'Animal Crossing' app, 'Zelda' game delay

Nintendo revealed that it will launch its upcoming gaming system, code-named the “NX”, in 2017. It will also release two new mobile games in the fall based on the familiar Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem franchises.

During its fiscal year earnings announcement, Nintendo said that the NX will not be unveiled at the upcoming E3 video game event in June, and would only say that the system is “a brand new concept.”

Nintendo will also be delaying its new Legend of Zelda title again, pushing the release back to 2017, so it can be released simultaneously on the Wii U and NX. The highly-anticipated title was expected to be released this year.

Nintendo’s current Wii U console has underwhelmed in sales, with 12.8 million consoles sold worldwide to date, far below their previous Wii console, which has sold 101.63 million units to date. It is also trailing far behind its competitors: Sony’s PlayStation 4 has sold 36 million units and Microsoft’s Xbox One has sold an estimated 19 million units. Worse, in the last three months, Nintendo has only sold 200,000 Wii U units.


Nintendo’s first dedicated mobile release, the “social experience” app Miitomo, is a surprise hit and has crossed the 10 million unique users mark worldwide, according to the company.

In the fall, more familiar Nintendo franchises will hit mobile, with an effort to make the tactical role-playing game Fire Emblem more “accessible.” The Animal Crossing series is more tailor-made for mobile, with its open world and build-and-design features, and Nintendo also added that the Animal Crossing app will be connected to upcoming “dedicated gaming systems.”

“Both of these are pure game applications,” wrote Nintendo in a news release. “Compared to Miitomo, they have more prominent game elements, and the game content will tie closely into Nintendo’s dedicated games business.”


Nintendo could use the financial boost from its mobile properties. They missed their profit forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31, but still earned a profit of $371 million from $5.7 billion in revenue. It is their second consecutive year of profit.

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