Federal budget restores arts and culture funding, including museums, First Nations programs

Canada’s arts and culture institutions are breathing a sigh of relief thanks to the new Liberal government budget.

Following years of federal budget reductions under the previous Conservative government, a mass cultural cash infusion is once again going to museums, arts programs, and cultural space maintenance and repairs.

Among the biggest benefactors is the Canada Council for the Arts, a funding arm that supports artists and arts projects nationwide, which will see its annual budget double within five years. This year it will receive an additional $40 million, followed by incremental annual increases for a total of $550 million in new investment.

Canada’s national museums and the National Art Gallery will receive about $386 million over the next five years, including an immediate allocation of $33 million for building maintenance and operation.

Telefilm Canada will receive a cash influx of $22 million over five years, and the National Film Board will receive an additional $13.5 million during that same time period. The funding for both is far less than what was promised during the Liberal election campaign, which was an additional $25 million boost per year.

First Nations communities will also be receiving $76.9 million over the next two years to construct local arts and recreation centres.


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