Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women investigations win 2016 Canadian Hillman Prize in Journalism

The Globe and Mail, CBC and Radio-Canada are sharing the 2016 Canadian Hillman Prize in Journalism for their investigative projects on missing and murdered indigenous women.

“Courageous and groundbreaking journalism made sure that the story behind the missing and murdered indigenous women remained a priority concern of the new government,” said Tony Burman, one of the Hillman Prize judges. “The CBC databases underscored the depth and breadth of the crisis, Radio-Canada gave us an emotional understanding and personal face to the issue and The Globe and Mail‘s perseverance and research shed new light on the shocking over-representation of indigenous women among Canada’s female serial-killer victims. Collectively they contributed to real change.”

Journalists Kathryn Blaze Baum, who led the reporting team for The Globe and Mail, Connie Walker and Duncan McCue of the CBC and Josée Dupuis and Emmanuel Marchand of Radio-Canada will share the prize.

Honourable mentions were given to Desmond Cole for his first-person Toronto Life feature “The Skin I’m In” and the Toronto Star for their investigations into “carding,” a practice that involves the stopping, questioning, and documenting of individuals by police when no particular offence is being investigated.

Also recognized are Ed Tubb’s feature in The Walrus titled “Minding the Monster,” which looked into post-prison supervision of convicted pedophiles.

The Sidney Hillman Foundation honours excellence in journalism in service of the common good. The U.S Hillman Prizes have been awarded annually since 1950 and the Canadian Hillman Prize since 2011.

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