Oceanship getting push from science fair project

Back in the day I remember entering the science fair with erupting volcanoes and cars made to protect eggs; these days kids are taking their science projects to the World Wide Web. Seventh grader Jackson S. of Franklin, Tennessee has taken it upon himself to prove “The Power of One” theory by raising the status Canada’s own Oceanship on iTunes.

Here is what Jackson has to say on his Facebook page:

“We got a CD in our mailbox recently. We thought it was just because my Dad manages musicians (Fleetwood Mac, ZZ Top, etc.) Demos don’t usually get heard by my Dad because he’s just too busy. But, when we got this CD from a band called “OCEANSHIP,” since my Dad was out of town, my Mom decided to listen to it. She loved it and showed it to my brother and I – We too thought it was awesome!! I actually go to sleep to it at night and listen to it every day in the car.

My Mom has been talking a lot, about how all it takes is one person to make big things happen. This is very hard for me to believe and we’ve been disagreeing. I don’t think at my age, too many people are going to listen to me or think that I have very good taste.

So, we decided to use this as my Science Fair project this year. I want to see if just by me putting this page together and sending it to my friends, I can actually help make this band successful.

All I ask is that you at least check them out. If you like them, buy a song or even the album. They are easy to find on iTunes!!”

Can one person make a difference in the success of an unknown artist? Does social networking really get independent artists anywhere? Well, it appears to be going well for Jackson. By simply starting a Facebook page dedicated to his cause, he has accumulated over 658 fans and is now waiting to see how the sales are going for Oceanship’s debut on iTunes.

So if you wish to support Jackson’s project, check out his site here and check out Popjournalism’s review of Oceanship’s debut.

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