Upgrade DVDs to Blu-ray at HMV

For the entire month of May, Canadians can exchange their old DVDs for discounts on specially-marked Blu-ray discs from Twentieth Century Fox and MGM Home Entertainment at HMV stores across the country.

The campaign is called “Go Green with Blu.” DVDs can be traded for a $7 discount off the purchase of almost 250 Blu-ray titles.

The promotion was originally conceived to ensure the safe recycling of old DVDs. Now, the program has expanded to donate high quality traded DVDs to children’s hospitals and libraries, keeping the used DVDs out of landfills.

Over the course of the month, HMV will expand the promotion with day-long 10/10/10 deals that will be promoted through the Twitter ID FoxMGMBlurayCan. On specially promoted days, customers that exchange 10 used DVDs and purchase 10 Blu-ray discs will receive a bonus $10 HMV gift card in addition to the $7 discount on each Blu-ray disc.

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