Roth impersonator faces charges

It was reported by media around the world: Police save the life of Van Halen’s David Lee Roth after a severe peanut reaction.

Only it wasn’t Roth – he was in New York City for a concert and is not allergic to peanuts.

On May 23, Ontario Provincial Police pulled a vehicle over for driving erratically near Oakland, Ontario. They encountered a man who posed as Roth and requested assistance because he was going into anaphylactic shock. The officers called an ambulance and waited with the man and his passenger until paramedics arrived.

Const. Larry Plummer of the Brant OPP said the imposter has “scammed a lot of people.”

But they know his identity now. The faux-Roth is facing obstruction of justice charges for providing a fake name to police.

“He’s done this in other provinces and other states,” Plummer said. “He’s an old hand at it.”

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