Canadian to sell lyrics to Lennon’s peace anthem

A prize-winning comedy writer and comic from Montreal is putting John Lennon’s handwritten lyrics to “Give Peace a Chance” up for auction at Christie’s in London.

In 1969, 16-year-old Gail Renard dodged security at Montreal’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel and managed to sneak into suite 1742, where Lennon and new wife Yoko Ono were staging an eight-day bed-in for peace. She stayed with the couple for a week.

Upon the last night of the bed-in, Lennon gave Renard an autographed picture and a piece of cardboard on which he had scribbled in black marker the lyrics to “Give Peace a Chance.” The song was sung and recorded in the suite June 1, 1969.

“It will be worth something someday,” predicted Lennon.

The prized memento will go on the auction block July 10 and is expected to fetch upwards of $400,000.

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