Britney to hit that sitcom, one more time

Britney Spears is set to reprise her role as dizzy doctor's receptionist, Abby, on How I met Your Mother.Britney Spears is set to reprise her role as dizzy doctor’s receptionist, Abby, on How I Met Your Mother.

In the episode, which will be filmed this week and air on May 12 in the US, Spears’ character Abby teams up with Barney to get even with Barney’s friend, Ted.

The show’s co-creator, Craig Thomas, said he is “thrilled to have Britney joining us once again.”

Nearly 3 million extra viewers tuned in to see the embattled pop princess’ first appearance on How I Met Your Mother in March. Spears described her first experience working on the show as “terrific.”

Spears previously appeared on the NBC comedy, Will & Grace in March 2006.

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