Goodbye Netscape Navigator

Remember Netscape Navigator?

As the first popular web browser, once commanding 90% of all browser use, and now being used by just 0.06%, Netscape Navigator has faded to a shadow of its former self.

Support for Navigator, now owned by AOL, has been discontinued as of yesterday. The decision was said to be due to “AOL’s current business focus.”

The move was announced in December 2007, though the original support end date of February 1st was extended by a month to allow AOL to “provide tools to ease the migration of existing Netscape browser users to … alternatives” such as Mozilla Firefox.

Discontinued support means there will no longer be any new functions or security patch updates for the browser. However, AOL will allow nostalgic users to download archived versions of the browser. AOL will also continue to maintain the Netscape website as an Internet portal.

As of January 2008, according to W3Schools, the top three browsers include Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (54.7% usage), followed by Mozilla’s Firefox (37.2%) and Apple’s Safari (1.9%).

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