'Jumper' tops Canadian box office

The Hayden Christensen sci-fi actioner Jumper was the top film in Canada this weekend, taking in just over $2 million.

In a close second, the dance-oriented film Step Up 2: The Streets earned $1.7 million, followed by the fantasy drama The Spiderwick Chronicles in third place, which took in almost $1.5 million.

Also new over the weekend was the Ryan Reynolds-starring romcom Definitely, Maybe which took in over $850,000.

This weekend’s wide-release openings: Vantage Point, Witless Protection, Charlie Bartlett and Be Kind, Rewind.

All box office figures are in Canadian dollars and are provided by film studios. Generally speaking, studios earn about 55 percent of a film’s gross.

Here are the top 10 grossing films from Feb. 15-17, 2008:

1. Jumper, $2.06 million
2. Step Up 2: The Streets, $1.78 million
3. The Spiderwick Chronicles, $1.49 million
4. Fool’s Gold, $1.06 million
5. Definitely, Maybe, $0.82 million
6. Juno, $0.52 million
7. 27 Dresses, $0.37 million
8. The Bucket List, $0.34 million
9. Rambo, $0.25 million
10. There Will Be Blood, $0.20 million

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