'Canada AM' to start six-hour broadcast

CTV’s venerable morning news program, Canada AM, is about to get a lot longer — 3 1/2 hours longer, to be exact.

Starting Jan. 28, the show will expand its live broadcast from 2 1/2 hours to six. Barring exceptional breaking news, Canada AM was live only in Eastern Canada, and taped for Western Canada.

Notably, Canada AM was stalest in British Columbia, and in particular, the competitive Vancouver market where Global News has a dominating ratings presence.

Unsurprisingly, the six-hour broadcast caters strongly to the Vancouver region. Journalists Mi-Jung Lee, Omar Sachedina and Rena Heer will be joining Canada AM and working out of a new Vancouver studio.

Current co-host Marci Ien will lead the first hour of the program, main co-hosts Beverly Thomson and Seamus O’Regan will anchor the next three hours and the Vancouver team will pick up the last two hours.

The entire six-hour broadcast will be featured on CTV Newsnet, with a three-hour version airing on local CTV stations.

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