Tanner Zipchen brings a bit of the Prairies to Hollywood
The Saskatoon radio DJ gets a gig on the big screen thanks to a clever YouTube video and a talent for talk
Love, paid for by the hour
Award-winning documentary filmmaker Alison Rose takes a surprisingly heartfelt look at the seedy world of Miami’s pay-by-the-hour sex motels, and its patrons
It's a bird... it's a plane... it's Todd van der Heyden
One of Canada’s rising news stars talks about anchoring the top-rated English newscast in Montreal and similarities to his favourite comic book alter-ego, Clark Kent
Til Schweiger takes flight in 'The Red Baron'
An interview with one of the stars from the WWI-set action film
Q & A with Liane Balaban
The Genie Award-nominated Canadian actress talks about her lead role in the CBC TV movie, 'Abroad'.
Leah McLaren’s life turns into TV
'The Globe and Mail' columnist turned screenwriter and producer talks about her first TV project, 'Abroad,' a movie she describes as an ode to her 20's
Jesse Camacho is anything but 'Less Than Kind'
The Montreal-born actor talks about the second season of the Canadian cult comedy series.
10 Questions with Yuk Yuk's Mark Breslin
The comedy club co-founder chronicles his success through laughter in the audio book, 'The Yuk Yuk's Guide to Canadian Stand-Up'
One-on-one with Bruce McDonald
We sat down with Independent Canadian director Bruce McDonald to quiz him about his unusual zombie movie, 'Pontypool'.
The Divine Ms. Brown
Canadian R&B songstress Divine Brown lays it all on the line with her comeback record, 'The Love Chronicles'
One-on-one with Uwe Boll
The notorious director answers questions about his latest production In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale and why his films are so often the target of brutal criticism
'Da Kink' and wishful thinking
We talk television, ratings and success with the creator, star and executive producer of Global's new sitcom, 'Da Kink in My Hair'
On the road with Carla Robinson
The CBC host talks about being the first, and still the only, Aboriginal national TV anchor on the three major Canadian networks
Popular TV anchor Janet Stewart moves from CTV to host CBC Winnipeg newscast
"I needed a change, I needed room to grow," Stewart says
Kevin Newman, the quiet king of Canadian news anchors
The 'Global National' anchor takes his program to number one in the national newscast race in just five years
Restoring James Bond
Toronto-born film restorer John Lowry on his toughest project yet
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