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Keeping up with Cathy Jones

The comedienne talks about the new season of 'This Hour Has 22 Minutes' and why she thinks the funniest Canadians are raised in Newfoundland

Gemini-Award winning actor and writer Cathy Jones is one of the original cast members of the comedy troupe Codco, which brought Newfoundland humour to the forefront in Canadian media.Jones has also been a permanent member of the This Hour Has 22 Minutes cast. She has built a solid career in the Canadian entertainment industry, having been an entertainer for over twenty years. Not an easy feat in Canada.This Hour Has 22 Minutes is now in its 12th season. This Hour has seen some major cast changes over the past couple of seasons, with the notable departures of both Rick Mercer and Mary Walsh.

I caught up with Jones by telephone at the end of a shooting day at the This Hour Has 22 Minutes set in Halifax.

Jones says it is always challenging when people leave the show. “You just keep swimming along trying to figure it out, but you do get it done… but then it is fresh and ok because people bring different elements [to the show].” Explains Jones.

The majority of the cast members of This Hour have been Newfoundlanders. I asked Jones why Newfoundland delivers great comedians. “Newfoundlanders are strong, powerful and genuine people. We aren’t afraid to be who we are, with being honest you are not afraid to be funny. “ She adds. “[But] human beings, they do have a sense of humour. Newfoundlanders are authentic which means they are not afraid to be funny.”

Jones is content just being, not needing to prove herself — a sure sign of confidence and maturity. This confidence no doubt stems from having a solid, successful career over two decades.

“I don’t know how ambitious I am. I would rather be a sane person and happy than to be seen as “happening” in the media,” Jones says.

As for her future, Jones is hesitant to predict where it will take her. “I don’t know that it is good to project at this time what I will do in the future. I affirm to apply my gifts to be a benefit to the world. I would like to get over myself and to connect with other people and use my talents to benefit other people.”

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