The Legend of Zelda (Video Game Series)
New on the Nintendo Switch: Mar. 3, 2017
It’s Switch time! Nintendo’s new console launches on Friday with eight games. Here’s what’s available, along with their prices in…
Nintendo to release mini NES console in November, includes 30 retro games
Nintendo is embracing its retro past by releasing a mini-sized NES console, including 30 classic built-in games like Super Mario…
Nintendo announces new gaming system in 2017, 'Animal Crossing' app, 'Zelda' game delay
Nintendo revealed that it will launch its upcoming gaming system, code-named the “NX”, in 2017. It will also release two…
Video Game Review: 'Hyrule Warriors Legends' (3DS)
It’s hard to believe that Nintendo could pack in a whole Wii U disc’s worth of Hyrule Warriors content plus…
Nintendo reveals 'Hyrule Warriors' DLC details, prices for Wii U, 3DS
Those hungering for more Hyrule Warriors action finally have new details about the DLC available starting March 24. According to Nintendo UK, the “Legends…
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