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Third time’s the charm

Hard to believe that it’s been over a year since the last issue of Popjournalism hit the newsstands.

It’s good to be back.

I want to thank all of you who bought this issue and to the subscribers for their patience during our too-long hiatus.

To be honest, we had a completed third edition of Popjournalism ready to go in the summer of 2005, but just a couple of weeks before publication, a serious family illness changed everything. Conditions eventually improved and life soon returned to the way it was, though it took many months before I was able to resume working on the magazine. By then, many of our articles had gone stale-pop culture stops for nobody and a whole new issue was in order.

Fortunately, our planned cover stories on Mike Holmes, Jully Black and George Stroumboulopoulos all survived — and considering all the news Strombo generated this summer by hosting the now-cancelled ABC reality series The One, he was up for the cover, though because it would be our third CBC-related cover, that idea was quickly nixed.

So there’s the full back story. Now it’s time move forward once again. Popjournalism is in a better place and to reflect that, we’re printing on better paper, too. It’s not glossy, but it’s gettin’ close. Compared to newsprint, bookstock is brighter, nicer to hold, and best of all, there’s virtually no ink run off. Until next issue!

Your Letters

Wonderful issue

I’ve never seen an entire magazine written by one dude before, Robert. Congrats. I even managed to read through the Mulroney piece without vomiting (okay, maybe twice). Cool crossword, too.
Bill Brioux

Robert Ballantyne respondsThanks for the note, Bill, but there was actually a small (very small) army of three who wrote the magazine, so I can’t take all of the credit!

You rock! I’ve just gone through Popjournalism and am enormously impressed, both with the product and the work that’s obviously gone into it. It’s an amazing accomplishment, and I hope you’re getting tons of compliments because you and your staff deserve them. Excellent work.
Nick van Rijn

I just received and read the entire issue, cover to cover. Brilliant.
Christian Cotroneo


I am 15 years old and I agree with almost everything Elvira Kurt said (“Popcultured with Elvira Kurt”). But I have to leave you with one last thing: If Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen are fat, then I must be a giant!
Kelsey Pohland

Content Creator
Robert J. Ballantyne is the editor-in-chief at Popjournalism. Previously, he was a journalist at the CBC on a number of news programs including the fifth estate, Marketplace and The National. He also worked as a staff writer at the Toronto Star

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