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The Tom Cruise/Diane Sawyer interview: Footage you were never meant to see

Here at Popjournalism, we’ve received such emphatic responses to the Open Letter to Katie Holmes that we thought it would only be fair to round things off with this “lost footage” from last week’s Primetime interview with Tom Cruise. Enjoy!

Diane: In the last two years, you’ve starred in major blockbuster motion pictures such as War of the Worlds and most recently, Mission: Impossible 3. Do you think it’s important for audiences to have that fantasy element in a film, where they can completely escape from reality?

Tom: *Smile fades* What do you mean?

Diane: Well, you know, the obvious implausibility of the events in those films.

Tom: *Chuckles softly and looks off in the distance* Right — right.

Diane: Do you ever fear that the attention surrounding you personal life is overshadowing your work?

Tom: *Furrows brow* I don’t really want to get into my personal life right now, Diane.

Diane: I’m not looking for details on your personal life; just an objective —

Tom: I LOVE KATIE HOLMES!!! I love this woman. Do you want me to bring her out, Diane?

Diane: Well —

Tom: Do you??

Diane: I —

Tom: Well I can’t — she’s actually on the other coast right now. But man — God, I just-I-I — you know Diane? I love that woman!

Diane: I’m going to have to address the reports that you plan on actually eating the placenta following the birth of your baby. Is this true?

Tom: You know — God! *thrashes fingers through hair* Why is such a big deal made of just Every. Little. THING. I mean — what’s sick is that–that in this country, it would be more acceptable to do a line of coke after the birth of your baby than to eat the placenta. *points finger accusingly* Now that’s what’s sick, Diane!

Diane: Do you regret telling Matt Lauer that he didn’t understand the history of psychiatry like you did?

Tom: Geez! *laughs incredulously* you know — you just — you don’t get it either, do you?

Diane: Is it true that your child will be taking the surname Cruise, even though you changed your surname to Cruise when you came to Hollywood in the interest of being a working actor?

Tom: Who told you that I changed my name?

Diane: It is actually public knowledge —

Tom: WHO TOLD YOU THAT I CHANGED MY NAME!?! *Charges camera*

Cameraman: What the hell are you doing?? Are you crazy?!

Tom: Would you look at this guy, Diane? This is a good guy! *slaps camera man on the back jovially* That’s what I like to see. I like to see people do well.

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