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Speedrunner sets new world record for Super Mario Bros.

Virginia-based speedrunner “Darbian” has beat the world record for Super Mario Bros., completing the NES game in four minutes, 57 seconds and 260 milliseconds on April 13.

Darbian beat his own record by 387 milliseconds, which was set last October.

His speedrun is defined as “Any %”, which allows for warping to complete the game. He wrote that he will not longer be attempting to beat his Super Mario Bros. record.

“I have reached my potential in this category – I’m done! My quest is over,” he wrote on his YouTube channel.

Darbian also holds speedrunning world records in Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario World, California Raisins — The Grape Escape (a classic!), Gilligan’s Island, Wally Bear and the NO! Gang and Chinese Super Mario World.

Watch the world-record speedrun

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