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Memo from the Chief Office Ridiculousness Analyst

The popularity of shows such as The Office and movies like Office Space seem to really speak volumes about the quiet desperation of today’s workforce. If the increasing absurdity of office bureaucracy has brought you to that crucial “laugh or cry” juncture, then here are some coping mechanisms to add to your daily dose of Dilbert:

The bullshit job title generator

You know the guy who drives around to offices and re-stocks the coffee supplies? I once saw this job advertised as a “Refreshment Procurement Technician” — and my grasp on sanity has been slippery ever since. Thankfully, the people over at have confirmed that it is not just in my imagination that job titles are becoming suspiciously obscure.

Demotivators ®

You’ve probably already seen those plaques that hang in the boardroom, featuring buzzwords like “Teamwork” or “Dreams” and an accompanying image of someone rafting, mountain climbing, or doing pretty much anything other than sitting in an office. Well, Despair, Inc. has the perfect antidote to those things!

The “My Cubicle” song

If you’re familiar with that whiny “You’re Beautiful” song played in heavy rotation on the radio, then you’ll enjoy this.

Still don’t think people are disgruntled? Check out any one of these other cries for help:

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