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Kevin Federline takes a media lickin’ and keeps on…

They say that everyone has a purpose in life. But could one’s sole purpose be to serve as fodder for the rest of us?

When I saw an MTV video clip of Kevin Federline in a recording studio proudly presenting his new single, “PopoZao” (which means “big butt” in Brazillian Portugese), I was certain the answer had to be… yes.

Part of me wants to believe that Federline is a comedic genius, playing us for fools. As he jams along to his own horrific, formulaic track, occasionally shouting out words of praise as if to distract from the fact that “PopoZão” plays in a mind-numbingly endless loop, you really have to wonder: how can he not be joking? It seems there is one huge knob in the recording studio, which – for whatever reason — no one has turned down.

Despite being referred to a “douche bag” on Family Guy, being rampantly mocked on the Internet, and often being blamed for the career decline of his post-natal pop princess wife, Britney Spears (whose fans have even rallied in protest to form, “K-Fed” seems to take it all in stride. Although frequently criticized for leeching off his spouse, Federline was once employed as a backup dancer for notable pop singers, including, well, Britney Spears. However, these days, Federline is best known for tabloid reports that claim he was kicked out of his Malibu mansion and cut off from his credit cards by his wife.

In what we can only assume is one exorbitant, never-ending vacation of a life, Federline is frequently photographed driving, shopping and drinking around town in a white-ish undershirt, baggy shorts, and a trademark cigarette dangling from his lips. And yet, there is something very compelling about him – his unapologetic trashiness; his indifference [or ignorance] to the public’s reaction to him. Not quite the “It” factor, but he definitely has the “What?!” factor. In disbelief, we discuss the nerve of this guy, thinking that his new music career gives him a legitimate claim to fame. And the more we talk about it, the more famous he becomes.

Ironically, K-Fed now finds himself in what is perhaps in the best position of anyone in the history of celebrityhood to be thrust into the spotlight: with no positive image to shatter in the first place, there are no illusions to dispel. Unlike Britney Spears, who was groomed for life in the public eye and often criticized for presenting a false, squeaky-clean image of innocence early on in her career, Federline shows a complete lack of effort to impress anyone or convince them of anything. Maybe that’s why he seems so laid-back, so unruffled, and smiles with such sly complacency. Because he knows this: you can’t knock someone down if they’re not getting up off the floor in the first place.

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Giselle Melanson Tattrie is a writer and researcher who has worked in TV, film and print. She is currently the features editor for Popjournalism as well as the technical and content editor for Drawspace Publishing. Giselle lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and two children.
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