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Famous (to your mom)Being famous on the Internet is kind of like being cool (to your mom). Here are some of the ‘net’s notable names:

Jenn Sterger
Also known as “The Facebook Princess,” Jenn Sterger was featured in one of the bleacher shots of a nationally-televised Florida State-Miami football game wearing a cowboy hat and bikini. Soon after, photos of Jenn on Facebook went into cyber-circulation and she began getting offers to pose for Maxim and Playboy. Jenn now has an official website which includes a 16-page biography chronicling her early years.

“The Queen of YouTube,” Nornna is a 24-year old woman who lives in Wisconsin with her mom and her cat, Patches. Nornna developed a cult-following by posting over 600 videos of herself doing everything from eating a corndog to brushing her hair. Then, one day, her videos abruptly disappeared – and the high-school classroom that we call The Internet has never been the same. Fortunately, Nornna has started posting again, and even inspired this film trailer.

Star Wars Kid
One fateful day in 2002, a student of Séminaire St-Joseph high school in Quebec recorded a videotape of himself swinging around a golf club like a lightsaber. His classmates discovered the tape and decided it would be funny to share it with others on the Internet. Star Wars Kid did not find this at all funny. He filed a lawsuit against the families of his classmates and recently settled out of court for an undisclosed amount.

Brian Peppers
Brian Peppers is a registered sex offender in Ohio whose widely distributed photo was believed to be a hoax due to his puppet-like appearance. However, has confirmed the photo is real and so is Brian, but the original “is he or isn’t he real” debate has inspired Photoshop contests, merchandising, and unsupervised kids attempting to call him.

Tom from MySpace
Tom Anderson is co-founder of MySpace and automatic default friend for anyone who signs up for a MySpace account. Ironically, “Everyone’s Friend” Tom, who claims “I’m here to help you with MySpace. Send me a message if you’re confused by anything,” is not reachable by email or instant messenger and restricts the comments on his own MySpace site.

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