Inside the mind of a Canadian magazine publisher

Editor's note from Popjournalism's debut print edition

From time to time, people ask me what magazines I like to read. My list has always been made up of American and British titles. Included in my list are imported magazines like Time, Entertainment Weekly, Newsweek and Empire, which continue to be an active part of my reading life.

Don’t get me wrong. I love magazines. I just don’t love Canadian magazines. Sure, I subscribed to Maclean’s for a little while, but it served more as a status symbol than something I actually enjoyed reading.

In my opinion, Canadian magazines just don’t have the same appeal or the same energy that American and U.K. publications do. Why is that the case? Canadian publishers will tell you that those magazines look and read better because they have higher budgets, which they devote to intricate design, expensive writers and lush photography.

I respectfully disagree.

Here’s my theory: I think an interesting magazine is all about a spark. When writers are interested in what they write about, the copy is interesting; when designers get to play with text and graphics without restriction, the magazine breathes with excitement.

I think we’ve been able to find that spark here at Popjournalism.

Popjournalism is Canada’s media and pop culture magazine. Our first quarterly print edition is being released on November 25. Popjournalism has been online since January 2000, generating up to 230,000 hits a month. Our loyal audience has come to trust our honest and media-savvy reporting and reviewing. Our insightful treatment is accessible for the average reader but informative enough for the industry insider.

Popjournalism is a pop culture magazine that is a hybrid of everything I like to read. We offer news, reviews, features and interviews with a focus on pop culture, news, celebrity, trends and media. While we don’t focus exclusively on Canadians, our perspective and writing is always done with a Canadian audience in mind.

Some wonder why we include media — including journalists, broadcasters and outlet owners — in our coverage. Well, we believe that in Canada, journalists and politicians are as famous as our top actors and musicians. So if we’re going to cover the arts and culture beat, why not include these high-profile figures, too?

So there’s Popjournalism in a nutshell. We’ve come a long way from our early beginnings as a small website in 2000. Over four years, we went from generating a few hits a month to a few hundred thousand. Our online success inspired us to launch a print edition and we thank all of our Popjournalism visitors for their patronage.

We hope that Popjournalism becomes your favourite Canadian magazine.