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FWD: Fwd: Fwd: Stop sending me these

This is an open letter to anyone who still sends me forwards.

It’s not that I don’t like hearing from you, or finding out quirky details about you from the latest survey you’ve filled out, chronicling the last song you listened to, your favourite ice-cream flavour and what colour socks you’re wearing.

It’s not that I don’t want to get free money from Bill Gates, or a gift certificate from Applebee’s, or be warned that there’s a psycho in the local mall parking lot who may invite me to sniff noxious perfume and then stuff me in the back of his trunk after I pass out.

And I certainly wouldn’t want to bring bad luck upon myself by not forwarding a poem containing sparkly graphics of teddy bears, angels, and ducklings with a caption at the end in size-17 green font, screaming: “I HOPE YOU DANCE…!!!”

Really, I want to get these all of these things.

It’s just that if you keep sending them to me and everyone else you know as a bulk email, they will — completely accidentally, of course — get filtered to my junk mail. So to ensure I get your messages, from now on I urge you to forward each one out individually to the 50+ people on your contact list, one at a time.

Unless, of course, that’s too annoying.

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Giselle Melanson Tattrie is a writer and researcher who has worked in TV, film and print. She is currently the features editor for Popjournalism as well as the technical and content editor for Drawspace Publishing. Giselle lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and two children.
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