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Feline hot, hot, hot

GarfieldAmongst the lineup of blockbuster films expected to rock our world this summer is the epic sequel to Garfield: The Movie, titled: Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties. I really enjoyed reading Garfield comics as a kid. But now that I’m an adult, I’ve come to realize that if Garfield were human, he could seriously benefit from a Dr. Phil-style reality check:

He hated Mondays
Garfield didn’t have to get up on any given day – for work or school – but for some reason Mondays were particularly irritating to him.

He overindulged
Lasagna all the time? And on Jon Arbuckle’s single-parent grocery budget? I just can’t feel sorry for a cat that eats better than I do.

He was bitter
Garfield hated Nermal, the world’s cutest kitten. Could it be that Nermal’s active kitten lithe-style reminded Garfield too much of his own issues and weight problem?

He had a superiority complex
Garfield thought he was smarter than Odie, but what did Garfield do that made him so much smarter? Complain? I mean it’s not like Garfield could talk. All we ever heard or read were his thoughts. Maybe Odie had thoughts too, if we’d only listened.

He was a Bully
Even if Garfield was smarter than Odie, did that give him the right to kick Odie when he walked by!?

It seems like there were a lot of irritants in Garfield’s stressful and complicated daily regime of sleeping and eating. But rather than dealing with those issues, he simply chose to pull the blanket tight over his head; curl up in a too-small-for-his-butt box bed, and wait for another Monday to pass.

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Giselle Melanson Tattrie is a writer and researcher who has worked in TV, film and print. She is currently the features editor for Popjournalism as well as the technical and content editor for Drawspace Publishing. Giselle lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and two children.
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