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November 23


Up at midnight with nothing but cheesecake in the fridge and some old memories to share? Why not pull out the first season of classic sitcom The Golden Girls ($41.99), which hits DVD shelves today.

But despite the cult-like devotion of some Girls fans, expect their DVD set to be decimated in the sales department by the Seinfeld DVD sets (Seasons 1-3; $44.96 per season or $114.99 for the deluxe box set) which also is released on the same day.

But hey, if you’ve got interest in both shows, why not splurge before you have to start buying other people some presents?

November 29


Will Sir John A. Macdonald make an alliance with Pierre Elliott Trudeau and make it to the final two? Or will the behind-the-scenes antics of Don Cherry and David Suzuki sabotage them?

Well, okay, maybe this CBC TV history-reality event hasn’t been that juicy, but the winner could be surprising. At press time, Tommy Douglas, the founder of universal medicare was in the lead, followed by Terry Fox and the discoverer of insulin, Dr. Frederick Banting.

Find out who wins The Greatest Canadian tonight at 8 p.m.

December 7


A scene from the 1929 Mickey Mouse short, ‘When the Cat’s Away’ (Supplied photo)

The fourth wave of the Walt Disney Treasures DVD series is out today, featuring the highlight collection Mickey Mouse in Black and White Volume Two ($25.89). While we love these old cartoons as both entertainment and animation, secretly, we love that they’re so politically incorrect. Who remembered Mickey grabbing a cat and whirling it around his head in “Steamboat Willie?” We didn’t! Of course, the racial stereotypes that sometimes appear in these early shorts — introduced by host Leonard Maltin for context — are shocking today. Still, nothing today matches the comedy and sweetness of most of these collected classic Disney shorts. Just be sure to grab them while you can: the sets are limited edition and pricey to get on eBay if you missed out the first time around.

December 25


There’s presents, a big dinner, family arguments and, of course, a rehabilitating run to the cinema. Our critical pick for your holiday flick this year would be Wes Anderson’s The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. So far, Anderson has had a perfect record as a director with The Royal Tenenbaums, Rushmore and Bottle Rocket. We think it will continue with this one. But hey, hey, hey, if you have kids to bring along, stay away from the live action remake of Fat Albert, whose terrible trailer is the sign of a stinker.

January 17, 2005


Letter writing is about to become more expensive. Canada Post announced that it would be raising the price of stamps by a penny. That means it will cost 50 cents to mail a letter, effective today. Regular-sized letters sent to the United States and other international destinations will cost five cents more.

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