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Cyber-stalking made easy

Thanks to Google, the practice of researching or “cyber-stalking” people using the Internet has become more efficient and less stigmatized. Wondering what’s up with your ex? Your best friend from grade four? Or maybe someone told you that they Googled you recently, and you just want to be polite and return the favor! Whatever your reason, here are some resources and tips to make the search process easy, free, and 100% legal:

This search engine combines results from Friendster, Facebook, Google, and Technorati in one convenient search engine. (It also tracks how many times a person’s name has been searched – so don’t go too crazy.)
So, you check someone’s blog constantly, but aren’t content with just reading the minutia of their day-to-day life? Why not find out what other blogs link to their blog – and then cyber-stalk their friends too!

Name + area code = success
Just say you’re at work and your boss asks you to find a phone number for someone named Mike who works at a Royal Bank branch somewhere in your province. What’s that? Not enough information to go on? Then try Googling the person’s name, company name, and their area code, and usually a website will pop up containing their direct line.

How to minimize your own e-trail
As always, consult only the most reputable legal resource that money can buy.

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Giselle Melanson Tattrie is a writer and researcher who has worked in TV, film and print. She is currently the features editor for Popjournalism as well as the technical and content editor for Drawspace Publishing. Giselle lives in Nova Scotia with her husband and two children.
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