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Life after ‘Disclosure’

The once promising CBC newsmagazine 'Disclosure' was cancelled this year due to perpetual low-ratings. We wondered, now that the dust has settled, where did its cast of award-winning journalists end up?

Gillian Findlay

Co-host 2002-2004

Findlay left an eight-year stint as an ABC News foreign correspondent to join Disclosure. Unfortunately, she has the infamous honour of reporting on the B.C. “Wild Boys,” two teens that claimed to have raised themselves in isolation. A week later, this story was found out to be a hoax; the boys were really recent runaways from California. Findlay is now a reporter for the fifth estate.

Mark Kelley

Co-host 2002-2004

Kelley was the former anchor of CBC Newsworld Morning. He joined Disclosure in its second season and delivered the series’ highest-profile report in 2003. “Ka-Boom” questioned the lifting of a 20-year ban on body-checking in kids’ hockey. The decision was later reversed because of the story. Kelley is now a special features reporter for The National.

Wendy Mesley

Co-host 2001-2002

Mesley joined Disclosure after her media newsmagazine Undercurrents was cancelled. In turn, Mesley brought most of her Undercurrents crew to shape Disclosure as an hour-long Undercurrents. After the disappointing ratings of the first season, she left to co-host Marketplace, where she remains today. Disclosure’s ratings continued to drop in her absence.

Diana Swain

Co-host 2001-2004

Swain left her long-time job as anchor of Winnipeg’s Canada Now for this, her first high-profile network hosting gig. During the entire run of the series, she was the only permanent co-host. After Disclosure, Swain briefly anchored Sunday Report on a rotational basis before it was cancelled. Now, Swain has returned to local news as the anchor of Toronto’s Canada Now broadcast. She frequently acts as a back-up host for The National.

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