On this day in Canadian pop culture: Oct. 13


The “Challenger” lands at Cape Canaveral, Florida and during the eight-day mission, Marc Garneau becomes the first Canadian to fly in space.


Vancouver’s Expo ’86 closes after 172 days, drawing 22 million people to the event.


Sri Lankan-born Canadian novelist and poet Michael Ondaatje becomes the first Canadian to win the Booker Prize for the novel The English Patient.


British-born Canadian biochemist Dr. Michael Smith shares the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with U.S. scientist Kary Mullis for his contributions in the field of DNA-based chemistry.


Kingston, Ontario-born economist Robert Mundell wins the Nobel Prize for economic sciences. He helped create the Euro, the common currency for the European Union.


A new $50 bill is released by the Bank of Canada.

Fifty-dollar Canadian bill, first issued in 2004.

Fifty-dollar Canadian bill, first issued in 2004.


Two giant panda cubs are born at the Toronto Zoo, the first ever born in the country.

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