Robert J. Ballantyne

Robert J. Ballantyne is a senior editor at Popjournalism and Creative Director at Previously, he was a journalist at the CBC on a number of news programs including the fifth estate, Marketplace and The National. He also worked as a staff writer at the Toronto Star

Photo: Robert Ballantyne / Popjournalism, Dec. 23, 2016

Mythbusting study reveals that when poor people are given cash, they really do spend it well

There’s a pervasive myth that giving cash to the poor is a waste because they’ll just spend it on “cigarettes and alcohol.” The opposite is true, according to a recent research paper. David Evans of the World Bank and Anna Popova of Stanford University examined 19 recent studies that looked into cash transfers and “temptation goods.” […]

New Pokémon bears striking resemblance to Donald Trump

The latest trailer for Nintendo’s upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon video games Nintendo is causing unexpected political chatter: is a new Pokémon designed to look like Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump? Gumshoos, a mongoose with distressing, Trump-ish slicked-back hair, made his debut today and triggered social media snickering. Pokémon Sun and Moon is set in […]