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Jason Gladu

Album Review: Noel Webb, ‘Give It All’

Noel Webb’s unique vision of contemporary jazz is led by an extraordinary voice, found in the form of Webb’s trusty electric violin. His fourth album, Give It All, is a slick set of five songs made for the digital age in which fans look for quality, not quantity – and Webb mostly hits his target. […]

Album Review: Killinger, ‘Killinger’

From the sleazy metal clubs of Alberta come 80’s revival rockers Killinger. You know what….why not? ‘80s music is coming back in many forms of popular music, so it was just a matter of time before someone came along to pay homage to the dying genre of 80’s metal. Unfortunately, while other artists are re-defining […]

Album Review: The Ramzi Helewa Sound Experiment, ‘Borrowed Time’

Three years after the critically acclaimed Disjointed Songs, Ramzi Helewa is back with another set of challenging songs that are a little rough around the edges and all the more fun for it. Opening mind freak “Part 1” sounds like a long-lost Ween track, while “Go South” is pure Helewa featuring off-key harmonies, creaky guitar […]

Album Review: Marcus Vaughn, ‘Ceiling Noise’

It’s been well documented that singer/songwriter Marcus Vaughn recorded his debut album in his apartment bedroom. So, it’s a huge surprise that Ceiling Noise is such a polished acoustic album. Every song is thoughtfully crafted, focusing around Vaughn’s folks-y pop melodies while dense electronic sounds drift in and out of your auditory landscape. Really, this […]

Album Review: B.D. Gottfried, ‘The Warden’s Picnic’

B.D. Gottfried’s fifth release is still offering up the same kind of pretentious lyricism that littered 2008’s Element of The Left. The Warden’s Picnic is focused on “freedom” — as in what does it mean in our society and what we would do to attain our individual freedoms. Lyrics aside, what surprised me was how […]

Album Review: Sheli Stevens, ‘Come Home’

Pop music in 2010 is represented by seas of faceless personalities with loud heavy beats and layers of auto-tuned vocals. Thankfully, Sheli Stevens’ debut is a reminder of a time when pop music was created by hopeful strums on an acoustic guitar. Come Home is 11 tracks of precise, lush arrangements beautifully produced by Eric […]

Album Review: Celleste, ‘Ready to Fly’

The best description of Celleste’s debut is right on her bio page: “Modern Classic Rock.” Opening with the one-two punch of first single “Real Love,” you’ll get the gist of her sound — a safe mix of radio rock and light bar-blues with straight up verse-chorus arrangements. From here, Ready to Fly unfolds just as […]

Ingrid Chavez, A Flutter and Some Words

Ingrid Chavez may not be a household name, but behind the scenes in the late 80’s she inspired two pop icons. Her career began as a spoken word artist in smoky open mic nightclubs where she caught the ear of Prince. So entranced by her poetry, he involved her on 1988’s Lovesexy, then again on […]

Paula Atherton, Groove With Me

After the first four tracks of Paula Atherton’s sophomore album Groove With Me, you get the full breadth of her talent as a major tour-de-force of the smooth jazz genre. Opening with the saucy “Marimba Island,” Atherton shows off her fluid, flute style before careening into the sax, slow-jam “There Ain’t Nothin’.” Following up with […]

Grover Washington Jr., Grover Live

Grover Washington Jr. died of a sudden heart attack at the age of 56 on December 17, 1999. Ten years later, producer and close friend Jason Miles unearthed several live recordings of Washington. The best of them was at the Paramount Center in Peekskill, New York on June 7, 1997. Setting the groove for the […]

The David Liberty Band, Objects In Mirrors

Every once and awhile a CD comes across my desk that I just know is going to be a hard listen. David Liberty’s third album, Objects In Mirrors, was one of those records as goofy opening track, “I’m Irked” proved. Opening with a cougar roar, the track features a cheesy guitar jangle while Liberty sings, […]

Five Star Trailer Park, Dark As The North Atlantic

Five Star Trailer Park’s sophomore release, Dark As The North Atlantic, polishes up the rough edges of their debut and hones in on the bands pop arrangements. Some readers may cringe at the sound of that, but FSTP actually benefit from a bit of fine tuning. For example, “Set Fire to Me” still kicks into […]

Nadia, Arrival

Born and raised in Calgary, Nadia (Kazmi) now calls New York City’s fifth borough home. On her debut album, Arrival, Nadia infuses Brooklyn’s rich history and culture into the very core of her songs. Kicking off with the soul-rock influenced “Volcanoes,” Nadia’s powerful voice quickly takes centre stage as she assertively sings, “Volcanoes! Live inside […]

Drew Davidsen, Around (Again)

Named one of the “Ten Hottest New Guitarists” in Guitar Player Magazine’s readers poll, Drew Davidsen is hardly a newcomer to the music scene. After building a strong reputation as a session player, he quickly became a rising star with his 2007 debut, This Journey. His second release, Around (Again), is an album full of […]

Music Review: The Uptown Band, Waiting For Her

The Uptown Band featuring Erich Cawalla and Jenifer Kinder exploded on the Pennsylvania jazz scene with their energetic live shows that have captivated audiences in the region (do yourself a favour and search for The Uptown Band on YouTube for a wealth of live gigs). Fortunately, The Uptown’s have turned all those hours of wild […]

Music Review: Vivian Male, Our Day Will Come

Vivian Male is a pillar of jazz and R&B music in the New England area, where she performs and produces concerts for charities and is a member of the board of trustees at Berklee’s College of Music. On her debut album, Male turns run of the mill covers into inspirational and fresh arrangements that hinge […]